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Pronumele in limba engleza 

Pronumele posesiv: Aceste tipuri de pronume se folosesc in propozitii in care se doreste identificarea unui obiect prin referirea la posesor.

That is your book. This is hers.
This book is not mine. This book is yours.
That computer is his.

Pronumele impersonal: Este un pronume care nu face referire la cineva anume. Afirmatiile/ negatiile/ intrebarile sunt facute la modul general.

We can't always do what we want.
One can't always do what one wants.
You can't always do what you want.
People can't always do what they want.

Pronumele interogativ: Pronumele interogativ este un pronume folosit in constructiile interogative (Atentie: pronumele este partea de vorbire flexibila care tine locul unui substantiv).

What did you say?
Who is this girl ?
Which car are we talking about ?

Pronumele relativ: Pronumele relativ se refera la un substantiv mentionat anterior, caruia ii adauga informatii suplimentare.

I talked to the girl whose car is red.
This is the girl who comes from Halifax.
I wrote this book for people who like history.

Pronumele personal: Pronumele personal face referire la o persoana care face actiunea (cazul A) sau asupra careia se rasfrange actiunea (cazul B).

Tom will tell me something. (cazul B)
I will go to the sea. (cazul A)

Pronumele reflexiv si de intarire: Aceste tipuri de pronume se folosesc in propozitii in care referirea la subiect se face de 2 ori. (A doua oara se foloseste acest pronume reflexiv si/sau de intarire).

She did it by herself. (Ea a facut-o singura.)
He did it by himself. (El a facut-o singur.)

Pronumele nehotarat: Un pronume nehotarat face referire la ceva ce nu e definit, specific sau exact. Pronumele nehotarate cele mai utilizate sunt: any, all, anybody, anyone, everybody, everyone, everything, nobody, some, somebody, someone.

Somebody will take the pie.
Has anybody seen that movie ?
Do you have some ? No, I don't have any.

Some get it and some just refuse to open their eyes !

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