Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exprimarea opiniei in limba engleza

Exprimarea opiniei in limba engleza

Formal ways of expressing opinion, characteristic of written English:

In my view ..., from my point of view..., in my opinion...

From my view point I believe that the company achieved its target for 2010.
In my opinion he did what he could to save the situation.

Less formal equivalents more characteristic of spoken English include the following:

to my mind ..., I reckon ..., I feel..., if you ask me..., to be honest (with you) ..., as far as I'm concerned ...

If u ask me I do not approve that kind of behavior.
As far as I'm concerned my job is done.

If one is required to write an essay in which one has to express an opinion use the alternatives:

I think that… It seems to me that… I do not believe that… I do not agree that…

It seems to me that a mistake has been made, the accounts are still empty.
I do not believe that they are supposed to raise the prices in order to survive on the market.

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